Available Puppies                     Last updated: 05 Dec 2021

I take great pleasure in 'showing off' my puppies and I'm always delighted to meet prospective new owners and welcome them into my home.  Please remember though, I don't run a business and, as with most breeders, dog breeding is my hobby so I do not have 'open hours' but try to make myself available on days/times to suit prospective new owners when it comes to you visiting to see puppies.   Please let me know beforehand if you can't make it on the arranged day - I have loads of other, far more boring, things to do that I generally try to avoid... but a quick call please, if you can't make it - thanks!
The health guarantee is published on this site and any purchase of a puppy constitutes agreement in full with the contract.

I Accept Cash!  No checks, money orders, cashier's checks, mysterious funds transfers, or promises of Nigerian bullion.  Also - I do not ship pups.  Please come pick up your new furbaby in person.

I can however accept PayPal, Zelle and Apple Pay.  Please let me know if you'd like to place a deposit.
Apparently I need to clarify this - I Do Not Take Payments.
I will accept a deposit to hold a puppy and the balance is due when the puppy is 8 weeks old and ready to go home.  No puppy goes home that is not paid for in full.  Thanks for your understanding!

Prices are based on color

Ready to go home NOW:

Dawn blue male.JPG
Lucy mrele male.JPG

Ready to go home the middle of December:

Cashew merle male pic 2p.JPG
Bell blue fawn female 2.JPG
Bell blue fawn female l.JPG

Ready to go home for CHRISTMAS!:

Rosie blue pied female.JPG
Sally blue female.JPG

Ready to go home the end of December:

Crystal pied female pic2.JPG
Crystal merle female pic1.JPG
The Pup You See Today
And Think About Buying Tomorrow
Will Be Sold To Someone
Who Saw It Yesterday
And Decided To Buy It Today

Please feel free to contact me in order to reserve your pup!
If you want breeding rights it's an additional $2000
Deposit is $500.  $400 is refundable if you change your mind for any reason.  Every puppy comes with it's up-to-date shot record and registration paper, along with the contract and Health Guarantee that are posted on this site.
*If you ask to have your puppy held beyond the date it's ready to go home, I will hold the pup for a maximum of two weeks.  If the pup isn't picked up within that time, the deposit becomes non-refundable and the puppy will be put back on the website.