Mythbusters! - Cherie's Bulldogs Reviews

Unfortunately, we now live in a world of urban legends.  The way most people find out whether or not something is true, is to see for themselves.  Which is exactly what I invite you to do!

First off - Yelp is running quite the racket!  I've been breeding dogs for many years now, and if there's one thing we all know it's that you can't make everyone happy no matter how hard you try.  So while there are a couple of negative reviews, there have been many more positive reviews that Yelp refuses to easily show - you have to dig to find them.  So if you truly put your trust in Yelp, please make sure you scroll down far enough to find the very faint link that says: "reviews that are not currently recommended".  This is where all the five star reviews have been buried.

Here's what I find interesting - why do some people who don't raise animals for a living think they know more about raising animals than someone who does?  I'm not saying that I have nothing to learn, because there is always more to learn!  I have my GA Dept. of Agriculture license - which means they do inspections.  If I didn't pass the inspections, they would take away my license.  So what I'm saying is, if there's something you don't understand - please ask!  You know what they same about assuming...

Myth: She doesn’t even have any of her own dogs!

Fact:  I have several of my own dogs, who will be glad to greet you when you come over!


Myth: She’s a broker!

Fact:  I clearly state that I work with other trusted breeders, and that my health guarantee covers every puppy that I place.  My personal dogs don't have enough puppies every year to fill the demand that I have, so I have other partners who I trust enough to cover every pup under my personal health guarantee.

Myth: She doesn't post photos of the parents online!

Fact: This one is true!  And when you read the entire About Me page, you'll see that I explain exactly why I don't do that.

Myth: She has an older dog in deplorable conditions!

Fact:  I used to breed English Bulldogs.  After having only two litters, I determined that this breed is far too unhealthy - so I switched to the French Bulldogs.  But I kept my sweet Maybelline, who had skin, eye and ear problems her entire life.  Every time I took her to the vet, the response was always, “What do you expect? She’s an English Bulldog!”  She loved to act as guardian to the Frenchie puppies and earned the nickname “Momma Dog”. But you see, I’m not the type of person to put my pet down just because she’s not in tip-top health, and I would hope you aren’t either!


Myth: Her puppies are outside in the dirt/cold/cramped/etc. conditions!

Fact:  You are welcome to visit the 'Frenchie Farmhouse' when you come over - they have their own 16' X 20' *doghouse* complete with air conditioning or heat as needed.  I have free-range, organic, non-GMO Frenchies.  And please see the above info about my state license inspections!

The best reviews are always from previous customers!  Please check out my Facebook and/or Instagram pages where furowners love to post updates and share pictures. One of the last things everyone hears me say as they leave my house with their new furbaby is - please send pics or post updated photos and info about your furbabies!


And here’s a little treat, just because I have such a girl crush on Judge Marilyn Milian: